I’ve overseen the installation of two Mitsubishi 9900-series UPS systems. In the US, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc (MEPPI) sells the systems. I believe that in other parts of the world, Toshiba sells the same UPS systems as the G9000-series through their TMEIC joint venture with Mitsubishi. We use the optional external “NetCom 2” SNMP modules to monitor the MEPPI UPS systems using our internal management systems. Finding the correct MIB to use proved to be a challenge!

If you following the link on the product’s web page, you get an old, outdated copy of the IETF standard UPS-MIB. That’s no good, as the NetCom 2 does not use the standard upsMIB definition (. Rather, it’s under the enterprise number assignment for “The Advantage Group” (. (The NetCom 2 module itself is made by Unite Technologies — perhaps they are related entities?)

If you were lucky enough to snag a copy of from MEPPI’s website before they took it down, you could find a working MIB. Kinda. It didn’t seem to work with Debian’s net-snmp package. You could check the CD that comes with the NetCom 2, but at least in the two CD revisions I’ve seen, there is no copy of the MIB file. Rather, they just tack it on as a 22-page appendix in their PDF documentation. Don’t bother trying to copy/paste a MIB based on the PDF, because it’s the same, flawed definition found in the Netcom_MIB’ file.

The third place I looked was a mysterious CD (ISO name “Mitsubishi100”). I say “mysterious” because they don’t seem to ship it with all NetCom 2 modules. I got lucky, in that the second UPS we installed came with this CD. This disc contains a ups.mib file that actually works! My only complaint about it is that first line is “UPS-MIB DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN”. The “UPS-MIB” definition collides with the standard IETF upsMIB namespace, meaning you can’t use the same NMS to load both the Mitsubishi MIB, and the IETF MIB. The fix is easy… I just changed the definition to “MEPPI-UPS-MIB” instead.

I’m including the file here, in the hopes that nobody else will have to retrace these steps to get a working MIB definition for their MEPPI NetCom 2 module.